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Tow Truck Insurance Lorain Ohio – Coverage Scenario Part 2

In part 1 of our first coverage scenario illustrating the “Expected or Intended Injury” exclusion, we met Teddy Toodletopper, the owner of a towing company called Toodletopper Towing.

We learned that when Teddy was first starting out in the towing industry, he had a business partner named Franky Fiddleflaps.

A dispute broke out between the two over what to call their fledgling business. Let’s find out what that dispute was about.

When they prepared to submit the official paperwork to start their business, they both agreed that the name of their new company should be a combination of their last names. They disagreed vehemently, however, on how their names should be combined.

Franky felt very strongly that the towing company should be called Fiddletopper Towing. He argued that his last name deserved top billing because he had made the majority of the initial investment into the business, including buying their first tow truck.

Teddy, meanwhile, argued vociferously that the business should be called Toodleflaps Towing. After all, he had several more years’ experience than Franky when it came to towing work, or so he reasoned.

For days they argued over this point. Their wives couldn’t believe that they were being so stubborn over something so insignificant, but, to Teddy and Franky, it was a matter of pride and principle.

After yet another round of arguments over the name, Teddy lay awake that night and thought good and hard about what he should do.

The next morning, Teddy was prepared to relent and allow the business to be called Fiddletopper Towing, or else compromise and agree to call it something else entirely. When he met with Franky to talk it over, however, he discovered that Franky had gone ahead and filed the paperwork under the name “Fiddletopper Towing” behind Teddy’s back.

Teddy was so furious at this betrayal that he quit the partnership on the spot and swore he would start his own towing company and name it whatever he darn well pleased.

What happened after this breakup? Find out in our next article by clicking on Tow Truck Insurance Lorain Ohio.

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Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance

If you offer Towing Services for your Auto Repair Garage or Dealership you need coverage to protect your business.


Not all companies will offering Commercial Auto Insurance for Tow Trucks so it is important to work with our agency as we have extensive relationships with top companies offering tow truck insurance coverage throughout the United States.


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Your business would.


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