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Auto Body Shop Insurance OhioSearching for Auto Body Shop Insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, or Georgia?  Pathway Insurance is the agency for you!

Pathway Insurance Services is an A+ rated and accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and provides competitive insurance solutions for Auto Body Shops in Ohio and the remaining 49 states.

Because we are a leading independent agency, Pathway Insurance can shop the insurance market for the optimal pricing and protection for your Ohio Auto Body Insurance requirements.

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Auto Body Shop Insurance Ohio – Insurance Add-Ons and Endorsements You May Need.

You may find that the basic Ohio Garage Liability Insurance Policy leaves several gaps in your coverage that could end up costing you down the road.

For example, the basic Ohio Garage Liability Insurance Policy excludes coverage for property damage to property owned; rented; occupied by; loaned to; held for sale by; being transported by; or in the care, custody, or control of the insured.

So in other words, while test driving a customer vehicle after replacing its transmission, Tim the transmission repairman wrecks Beatrice’s 2005 Crown Victoria and Tim learns that his basic Ohio Garage Liability Insurance Policy excludes customers’ vehicles that are damaged while in his care, custody, or control.

Forgetting to add important Coverage to his Ohio Garage Policy Tim is forced to pay $6,917 out of pocket to Beatrice for the loss of her vehicle. 

Let’s briefly review a few Endorsements and Coverage Enhancements to consider:

Garagekeepers Coverage.

This important coverage will pay all sums the “insured” legally must pay as damages for “loss” to a “customer’s auto” or “customer’s auto” equipment left in the “insured’s” care while the “insured” is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your “garage operations” 

So in other words when Tim the transmission repairman wrecked Beatrice’s 2005 Crown Victoria while test driving her freshly repaired car, Tim’s Garagekeepers Coverage would have footed the bill after Tim’s Deductible if he had the foresight to purchase said Ohio Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage.

Broadened Garage Liability Endorsement.

This endorsement adds coverage for your “defective products and faulty work” by removing a few particular exclusions from your normal garage liability policy. In other words, adding this endorsement insures you in the event that any accidents or injuries happen on your premises or outside of your premises as a result of a technician’s error or defective products.

For example, if one of your employees makes a mistake in his welding that leads to the weld breaking a few days later while a customer is driving the vehicle, and this faulty weld causes an accident that leaves someone injured, you would be insured via this endorsement.

Business Crime Insurance

This form of coverage protects you from all forms of crime that impact your business. This, of course, includes theft, burglary, and robbery by unaffiliated third parties, but it also provides protection from theft committed by your own employees or associates when the Employee Dishonesty Coverage Form is chosen.

For example, if two masked figures break into your auto body shop in the dead of night by smashing a window and steal the cash stored in the register, you would be protected under Business Crime Insurance.

Or, if a disgruntled employee working for your auto body business is found to have been skimming a little money off the top each month and attempting to hide the paper trail, your losses would be insured by Business Crime Insurance if the Employee Dishonesty Coverage Form is included.

To learn about other endorsements and additional coverage for your auto body shop insurance, click on Auto Repair Shop Insurance Ohio.

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