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Tow Truck Insurance CincinnatiIf you’re looking for a great deal on Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati you will not find a better insurance broker to work with than Pathway Insurance.

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Pathway Insurance is a leading insurance agency offering Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Alaska, Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida seven days per week.

In addition we offer an online chat system that is available seven days per week to speak with licensed agents.

Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati – Types of Companies We Insure.

We insure nearly every type of towing company no matter if your towing services include repo, roadside assistance, emergency 24 hour per day towing, or contracts towing vehicles to impound lots, or junkyards.

In addition we insure new ventures (when it’s not a sham new venture) well established companies and those with a claims history.

Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati – If I Am Cancelled What Are My Options?

Unfortunately if you were canceled by your Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Company you will find few companies willing to quote your business.

Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Companies will normally only cancel policies for some of the below listed reasons:

  • Material Misrepresentations on the policy application – that means the tow truck company lied on their application
  • Too many claims
  • Tow truck drivers with an unacceptable motor vehicle history
  • Tow truck companies falsifying claims
  • Insurance company exits this line of business
  • Your agent stops representing that particular company
  • Ohio tow truck insurance company learns you are doing repo work when this type of work is unacceptable
  • Underwriting violations – towing company is violating the standards in place by the insurance carrier

What can you expect to pay for your Cincinnati Tow Truck Insurance Premiums when you get cancelled by your insurance carrier?

You might see rate increases anywhere from 30% to 500% depending on big reason why you were canceled.

Some towing companies believe that they can find better rates when they shut down their old company and reopen under a new name.  Is this an effective strategy when you can’t find affordable Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati?


Almost invariably Ohio Tow Truck Insurance Companies will discover the sham and the newly written policy will be canceled and the Tow Truck Company will be placed on a do not insure list. 

In other words you just got blacklisted.

What Steps Can You Take to Prevent Cancellations?

First of all it’s important to make sure that any hired drivers have a good historical driving history, that means no tickets, accidents, claims, license suspensions, DUI’s, Sr22, or driving behavior that could lead to catastrophic claims.

If you hire drivers who have lots of tickets you should prepare yourself to pay the maximum amount of premiums with the need to purchase insurance from a High Risk Tow Truck Insurance Company.

Second – do not turn small claims into the insurance company! 

We will consider additional steps that you can take to limit your exposure to insurance company cancellations in future articles.

Keep in mind if your policy is cancelled you will pay significantly more money in terms of insurance premiums.

Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati – Call Pathway Insurance Today!

No matter if you are a new business venture, looking for a better deal on your insurance rates, or you have been canceled by your existing insurance underwriter…  We can help!

Call 513-662-7000 to speak with one of our Ohio Tow Truck Insurance agents right now, Mon-Fri 9 am-6pm EST.

If you find us after hours or on the weekend use our online chat system or send us quote requests using any of the links below:

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