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Auto Repair Shop Insurance OhioIf you’re looking for Auto Repair Shop Insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, or Georgia, then you have come to the right place.

Pathway Insurance offers competitive rates on Insurance for Auto Repair Shops in Ohio and all fifty states.

Pathway Insurance is an A+ rated, accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As a leading independent agency, we have the ability to shop the insurance market for some of the best prices and coverage available for your Ohio Auto Repair Insurance needs.

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Auto Repair Shop Insurance Ohio – Policy Endorsements & Coverage.

In addition to business owners liability coverage, a number of endorsements are available to broaden your coverage. Let’s review a few available endorsements:

Ohio GarageKeepers Insurance Coverage.

Any type of damage to customer vehicles while in possession of the auto repair facility would be provided by the Garagekeepers Coverage Form. For example Mr. Anthony Hocherfeld drops off his Porsche 911 for new brakes and a tune up at your garage and one of your new hires, Butter Fingers Bobby, accidentally sets Mr. Hocherfelds car on fire after accidentally spilling flammable cleaning fluid on the hood of the Porsche and failing to clean it up before his cigarette break.

$29,817 of damages were covered by your Garagekeepers Coverage Form and paid to Anthony Hocherfeld’s new body shop, Butter Fingers Bobby was promptly fired, and your insurance company wants you to implement a better safety protocol for new employees, and they promise a hefty rate increase on your renewal for the nearly $30,000 payout due to employee inattention. 

The Ohio Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage saved your repair shop a big out of pocket payout!

Broadened Garage Liability Coverage.

Faulty work and defective products are normally excluded under the Ohio Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage Form, however, this can be covered under the Broadened Garage Liability Coverage Form.

There are naturally some conditions to receive coverage under this policy form such as completing all work at the premises where your business conducts garaging operations.

Example: Tiny Tim Transmission Repair owner is Tim Smith and he employs his half brother Steve who is only a semi-competent mechanic. Steve does some side work occasionally in front of his house on the street doing oil changes.  Steve has a busy day lined up Saturday at his house with 6 oil changes scheduled.

It’s a very hot day and his last change is Mr. Mike Miser driving a 2006 Ford F150.  Steve is exhausted and he doesn’t completely tighten the oil filter on Mr. Miser’s truck and all of the oil leaks out as Mr. Miser drives to his sister’s house 90 minutes away.  Naturally with all of the oil drained dry from the truck the engine seizes up and is damaged beyond repair.

After learning that the oil filter wasn’t completely tightened Mr. Miser is looking to Steve to pay the $4,197 it will cost for a rebuilt engine.  Steve naturally is broke and tells his half-brother Tim who has a big heart and she turns the claim in under his insurance policy as Tim purchased the Broadened Garage Liability Coverage Form for Ohio Garagekeepers Insurance.

Bad news is reported to Tim that his policy won’t pay the claim because the work was completed in front of Steve’s house on a sweltering Saturday afternoon!

It’s always a good idea to know your coverage versus assuming you are covered!

To learn about more endorsements available for insurance for auto repair shops click on Auto Body Shop Insurance Ohio.

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Pathway Insurance is offering great rates on Insurance for Auto Repair Shops all throughout the United States. If you are thinking about starting a car repair business or if you are an established auto repair shop looking for a new insurance provider or better rates, then call our experienced agents today.

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We also provide the following services in Ohio:

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Call 1-800-998-0662 to speak with our Business Insurance Specialist. Or Click Find Out More Below.

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